Monday, February 9, 2015

Baseball in St. Louis

I may have to plan a trip that overlaps Wednesday, July 29th to St. Louis this year.  I think my cousin MichaelBarbara, Stephen, and Cara might want to join me.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Build a lumber storage cart for your workshop

Both my brother +Jared Orazi, and my dad seem to have an abundance of left over wood after working on various projects.  My brother tends to resolve this by tossing pieces that go unused for a while, to keep his garage/workshop area clean.  My dad, however, keeps his as he has a larger area for storage.

While browsing around the interwebs, I happened across this post on Lifehacker.  It looks like a nice storage rack, and I think I might work with my brother to build one.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yesterday morning (Feb 3, 2015), as I drove in to work, I saw the largest half moon I'd seen in a while. When I say a half moon, I don't mean in the Phases of the Moon, because Feb 3 was a Full Moon.  We had some cloud cover, and as the moon set, it reached the end of the clouds.  It looked exactly like the TBS Logo.  Unfortunately, I was driving at the time, and did not get a picture.

I did, however, get a colorful shot of the sunrise when I got to work!  The camera did not capture the image that I saw.  I attribute that to using a cellphone camera that is a couple years old now.  Two edits in Google, and this is what I saw.